Tuesday, 12 November 2013

30 Ways to save £1 -- DAY 12 + getting your knickers in a twist over Christmas

Every year some people seem to  get themselves into a tizzy about the approach of Christmas. They are worrying about the commercialism, the never ending ads on TV. The over eating. The debt. But I can't see the point of getting all "het up" about it ( as we say in Suffolk).

You can preach all you like but there will always be some people who go completely OTT. This is the time that shops take the most money, so of course they are going to advertise. You don't HAVE to buy what they are trying to persuade you to spend on. However much money you give some people they would still spend it on things others consider unnecessary. However little money other people have they will still spend it all and borrow more.
You can be annoyed at the shops playing Christmas songs in November, but there's no point in raising your blood pressure over it. Just do your shopping and leave.
 You can be an all-the-year-round Christian or at only-at -Christmas-church visitor but you will be made welcome whoever you are. And if you are not - then find another church next year because if a church doesn't make a stranger feel welcome then they are not doing what they should be doing.
You can be Pagan or Atheist as long as no one is hurt by your beliefs of non beliefs.
You can stay at home, read a good book, watch TV  or go to huge family parties, in the whole great scheme of things as long as you are not hurting anyone then it doesn't matter.
You can spend a fortune on presents, make them or buy them secondhand. If the recipient doesn't like it then it's their problem not yours.
It's just Christmas, it happens every year. Enjoy it or not.

Now to Number 12 of the 30 ways to save £1

12. Don't waste money on bottled water, just fill a plastic bottle with tap water and stand it in the fridge overnight then take it with you next day.
We are lucky here as we have delicious tap water. We try and remember to take a bottle of water whenever we go out. It's always handy.
It drives me mad in summer that so many of our campsite visitors buy bottled water.

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