Saturday, 9 November 2013

30 Ways to save £1 ---Day 9 + The seed order

We got more dead stuff out of the poly- tunnels this morning, tomato plants to burn, chilli peppers to dry and the plants and weeds into the compost bin. The big pepper plants are still there as they still have  some peppers on them, they may ripen to red. It also leaves these, some late sown beetroot.
They are a decent size.  Him Outside thinks he put them in after the early salad stuff, probably in July. He also put in some carrot seed at the same time but they are still teeny. We shall be able to eat the beetroot as soon as we've had the last few from the garden.

After lunch a bit of woodcutting was done and then we watched the rugby, although I was doing our seed order at the same time which took a bit of sorting out. I've ordered mainly from DT Brown seed catalogue this year, plus a few vegetable plants and onion sets from Marshalls and a smaller seed order from the Organic Garden Catalogue. The total cost is HUGE coming to just over £100. But if I tell you that our earnings from gate sales of fruit and veg this year were nearly £2,000! Plus that doesn't count what we had for ourselves you will see that our order is worthwhile.

When I've got a bit of time I hope to do a blog on what varieties of vegetable we will grow this year.

 30 Ways to save £1 -- Day 9
 9. Cut down on how much toothpaste, shampoo, lotions and potions you use. See if less will do the same job.
I can remember toothpaste adverts which showed about an inch of toothpaste on the toothbrush. I use a small pea size amount and it works fine. Shampoo works with just a 10p sized blob on my short hair. I suppose if you have very long hair you might need more.
Cutting down on all the things you use is worth a try. It might only save pennies, but pennies soon make £1.


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