Sunday, 3 November 2013

30 ways to save £1----DAY 3 + getting back to walking

Before I do Day 3, I must say thank you to lots of people for comments left over the last few days, some from a several days ago that I've only just discovered. It was good to find a comment from Jean, to say that she had asked someone if she could pick up windfall apples and had been offered as many as she wanted. My Tip 1 worked ! Brilliant!

 Way back in April lots of people were doing 30 ways to save £1( mine are here) and sending it to to earn £30. So as there are 30 days in November I thought I would have a closer look at my 30 ways.

30 ways to save £1
3. Don't start pets on expensive brands, if they are started on a cheaper brand, they will never know the difference.

We haven't got any pets at the moment. But we had a lovely Collie cross for 10 years, 3 cats for many of our years here and several cats before that. When I say cheaper brand, I mean anything cheaper than the very most expensive brands. We used to find that once a cat had tried Whiskers it was very difficult to get them back to something cheaper. In the past I always mixed and matched dry food and tinned so our pets got used to all sorts of different things.

I spent sometime in my craft room this morning fiddling with paper and glue to start some cards, then I did a sort out of a cupboard and moved a few odds and ends to the car boot boxes. Finally I sorted through presents in the Christmas cupboard to see how preparations were going.

This afternoon we actually got around to going out for a walk. Since Him Outside had the second stent done we've been planning to get walking again but with all the catching up on work that's been going on here it's taken 2 months to start. We did one of the winter walks we can do from here without crossing muddy fields, just a couple of miles but it was good to be out and about, and very interesting to see how much damage had been done to so many trees by the wind last monday. Our walk takes us a mile down the road towards Friston, through a small gap in the hedge, along a field and garden edge and then back up a wide grassy track, to return to the road just 100 yards from home. I planned to take the camera but forgot. Hopeless!

More Strictly and reading tonight- what an adventurous life we lead!


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