Thursday, 14 November 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 -- Day 14 + A morning out

Thank you to everyone for the interesting comments yesterday about the living history programmes that have been on TV at various times.
We enjoyed The Monastery Farm  and it was nice to see a new face. I shall be adding the book to my wish list and waiting for the DVD to add that too. It is repeated a couple of times for anyone that missed it and of course there is always the i player.

Number 14 of the 30 Ways to Save £1 was -
14. Find out about free events at local museums etc. Our local Museum is The Long Shop Museum in Leiston ( info here) and at the beginning of the Season they always have Steam Up Sunday when entry is free. The National Trust have a free day when you can print out a free entry ticket off their website. Then there is the day when unusual properties that are not usually accessible are open ( can't remember what this is called). There are probably more.

We had a Wyevale Garden Club voucher to use and had an idea for a Christmas present, so decided on a trip to Woodbridge for a tour of the charity shops while we were out and then thought we might as well take the cold box and pop up to the edge of Ipswich for Sainsburys and Aldi. That will save us from having to go there the next time we go right into the town centre.

The charity shops in Woodbridge didn't yield anything exciting apart from a Christmassy craft pack that had once been on the front of a craft magazine.
 I spent 10 minutes looking at the dozens of Christmas craft and food magazines in WH Smiths. The newsagents locally are Very limited in their magazines so I like to look in Smiths when I get a chance - didn't buy any though. Saving myself about £50!!

Then onto Sainsburys and now the freezer is stocked with stewing steak and mince at 3 for £10, value salmon trimmings for our favourite pasta meal and THE bacon which I sorted through to find packs that had bacon chops in them. ( 2 kept  out of the freezer for dinner tonight) That will last us well into the New Year.

We were home again by 12.30 so after lunch Him outside did the rest of the concreting of the base for the Gents toilets on the campsite. He wanted to get it finished as the forecast is for much colder weather next week.

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