Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review of the month - Looking Back at November.

  1.  We earned enough money in November for Decembers Budget.
  2. The tractor repair is hugely successful and the bill has been paid
  3. Christmas shopping for presents has been finished
  4. We had a visit from our lovely eldest daughter
  5. We went to visit friends in Essex.
  6.  The garden has been cleared of summer crops ( almost)
  7. All 3 poly tunnels have been cleared.
  8. A good load of muck has been spread around all the fruit bushes.
  9. I made some paper-craft cards for 6 friends birthdays in 2014.
  10. We have cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leeks and parsnips in the garden for winter
  11. We have squash, beetroot, apples and onions stored.
  12. Next years vegetable seeds ordered and arrived.
  13. We have enough meat in the freezer for 2 months.
  14. Christmas cakes all made( for us and gifts)
  15. We were almost self sufficient in vegetables in November, only £4.50 spent.
  16. We have been eating our own fresh apples, pears from the freezer, plus dried apricots and prunes so Nothing spent on fresh fruit all month.
  17. Both of us feeling well all month ( tablets working!)
  18. Lots of interesting sport to watch on TV plus the Monastery Farm and Strictly to enjoy.
  19. Plenty of good library books to read.
  20. The weather wasn't as cold/snowy/icy as predicted.
  21. Over 100 people following this blog and over 100,000 page views - Wow!

The only negatives I can think of are
  1.  The chickens aren't laying as many eggs  as they should be.


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