Saturday, 21 December 2013

Greenery for the winter solstice

Many thanks for interesting comments  by Gill at Frugal in Derbs, Angie, Dc at Frugal in Norfolk, Em on Dartmoor, Sara at A frugal Wife, Buttercup and Michelle H. after my number crunching blog yesterday.( Edited in - Whoops forgot AlisonB43 - sorry)

 My way of doing a winter arrangement is to just plonk a few bits in a jug. So from the garden I cut some variegated holly, a bit of bay and box, some cotoneaster  and a bit of conifer.

This planted basket was a present from my sister and we wanted to put it somewhere we could see it from the kitchen window. So Him Outside has wired it to a bracket and to the fencepost where it can catch the sun and be at eye level to be seen by us from indoors.

I will also be lighting some candles tonight to see us through the longest night of the year and to look forward to spring, just a bit of pagan country thing!

There is a saying " As the days lengthen, so the cold strengthens".  Proper winter weather will be on the way in January!

I've been looking for an interesting way to sign off the blog.
 Ilona says Toodle Pip, Lots of people do kisses xx, but I'm not really a kissing sort of person!, Frugal Queen signs off with Love Froogs and even more kisses, lots of people just end abruptly - like I  usually do.
Then I remembered that sometimes I say "Back Tomorrow"  and at the end of Strictly they say" Keep Dancing!"

So how about

Back Tomorrow - Keep frugalling!


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