Friday, 6 December 2013

Weekend visitors

Our son and his partner arrived today to stay for the weekend and to get his dad to help with car repairs. They would like to move back to Suffolk as he has lots of  old school friends who still live in the area, house renting is cheaper here too. It's finding a job for both of them at once that would be the problem. They brought their advent calenders with them- how organised they are - we have 4 here now! R is the lucky one, she has chocolates!
I have at last I've finished all the Christmas cards. So that's another job done.

Thank you to everyone for interesting comments about dialect. I thought of a couple of other things we say that may be dialect or maybe not.
When someone arrives before their expected time we say" you're about a good time" or if they are late we say" you're on the drag". Suffolk or everywhere?

Back tomorrow


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