Sunday, 8 December 2013

The joy of finding a new author

Many thanks to lots of people for comments yesterday. I seem to have got very lax at replying individually. So thank you to Twiggy at Twiggy Peasticks,Vicki at Anglesey Allsorts, Jan, Janice, Cro and Sadie.
As you know, I read a lot and I love to find a new author.
This lady is my latest find

Only two books so far, I shall keep a look out for more. These are modern crime about a newly ordained vicar who had previously been a police officer. Lots of details about her parishioners, Church affairs, family, ex work colleagues. I think they are well written.
The second is set during advent in the village so counts as my Christmas picture of the day!

We are having a lazy day as Him Outside was awake during the night with indigestion and I was awake with back ache. We feel like a couple of old crocks. Just need to rustle up dinner tonight for son and partner and youngest daughter and her other half.


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