Sunday, 15 December 2013

What a grey day but brightened by unexpected visitors

After a brief glimpse of sunshine this morning the day turned grey, windy and miserable.

Him Outside has been making a start on building a new stall to put out by the front gate for selling eggs etc. He's had the plywood for nearly a year so just needed the time. Our old stall has a serious list to the right back corner and is pretty rotten at the base too. The new one will be a bit taller with room for an extra shelf.

 Now that all the Christmas cards and presents are done, I've tidied my desk in the craft room and also had a sort out of the dining room cupboard. Other than that I've been looking at our 2014 budget. I will do a post on it ASAP. The way some things have gone up in 2013 it seems that we need to either find an extra £150 a month or drastically cut some of our current expenditure. I did a rough total of Christmas spending and was horrified to find that although I thought I'd spent less, I had actually spent about £20 more on gifts etc., and that's not counting home made gifts like chutneys! Although I have spent a lot less on food which is why I still have £100 left in my purse on the 15th December! * sounds of cheering*!

Him Outside had just gone through to the kitchen to wash up after lunch when he called back to say that he was putting the kettle on as my sister and brother in law had just pulled into the driveway. We had been planning to pop up the A140 to visit them next Saturday but they beat us to it.
We had a good natter but as she reads this blog she knows what we are up to anyway!
We did a pressie exchange and as always her presents are beautifully wrapped works of art while mine look as if they been chucked together by a blind man!

Beautifully wrapped Christmas work of art
Thank you L and J. Happy Christmas!


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