Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Just a quiet Wednesday

Him Outside was away even earlier this morning as his manager asked him to call in at the bridge in Snape where all the tidal surge flooding was a couple of weeks ago.  See floods in Snape.
He needed to go at low tide which was 8 am, and cast his expert eye over the road bridge to make sure it was still looking OK.
As he is back working for the Council just before Christmas he was able to join in their Christmas Jolly- which was actually just a Christmas lunch in the staff canteen in Ipswich today! They know how to live it up!

I made a double batch of Naan breads for the freezer and searched all through my recipe folder for a red cabbage recipe that I know I've used before. The red cabbage is cooked in port which helps it keep its colour and I was sure it's possible to make it now and freeze for reheating on Christmas Day. I found the recipe eventually and cooked up a small cabbage and popped in the freezer. Just one red cabbage left now still hanging in a net in the shed.

When I came home from shopping yesterday morning I found a brace of pheasants hanging on the back door handle, which was a nice surprise. So another job today was to sort them out and see what they were like under the feathers. Sometimes they are so badly damaged that I don't fancy eating them. But these two were OK and have gone in the freezer to make us a couple of free meals.

I remembered today to put my usual sign out on the stand by the front gate to tell folks that eggs will be out for sale everyday as usual over Christmas. The problem with Christmas holiday is that everyone wants eggs before the day and I can't squeeze any extra eggs out of the chickens on demand! You might wonder who on earth would be wanting to buy eggs on Christmas day but surprisingly they usually sell well.
 I couldn't think of anything interesting for a Christmas photo today. It was a toss up between a picture of two dead pheasants, some cooked red cabbage or  the sign for our customers. Gee Whizz!


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