Sunday, 22 December 2013

A glimpse of a hot country + a trailer makes life easier.

First, before I forget, welcome to a new follower TrishWish, who has just started blogging.

Yesterday we went to visit Him Outside's sister to do a present exchange before Christmas. On our way we called into Ipswich to pick up Him Outsides new toy- a trailer to fit on the back of the ride on mower.
Between his diagnosis for angina and having the stents done he found pushing a wheelbarrow very hard work. It often needed a puff of the angina spray to get to the top of our field ( where the chickens live) which is only about 100 yards. Since the stents he is back to full health and strength except that pushing a loaded barrow still makes him feel out of breath. So he had been looking on ebay for a small trailer that can hook onto the mower. When he has been working at our neighbours he found that using her little trailer saved a lot of hard work. Persistence paid off and one came up on ebay in Ipswich which he got for £82 - about half the price of a new one - and in good condition too.

Here he is on the way up to the chickens with a dustbin and bag of wheat. Another good thing is that this combo is much lighter in weight than the jeep or tractor for running over our soggy field. ( More rain this week just gone than we've had since last April.)

I've just finished reading this library book - the latest in the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.
It's good to read about hot sunshine on a grey December day.

Now I have a dilemma. All library books have been read, the library van is due next Friday bringing me at least 8 books that I want to read and I have 2 books in my Christmas present box that I'm really looking forward to, so do I
a.) just dip into a favourite off my book shelf until Wednesday when I can legitimately look at the new books but won't have time to read them properly because of cooking dinner and having visitors?
b.) take a book out of my Christmas present box and start to read it before Christmas?
c.) read something off my book shelf that I've not read before so taking me until Friday when I can then start reading the library books and save my pressies until I've run out of reading in January?

Who knew that life was so complicated!!

We watched and enjoyed the Strictly Come Dancing Final last night and agreed that the best dancer really did win. There have been years when we were not so sure.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, much appreciated.

Here is something  I've been meaning to do occasionally and keep forgetting:-
Home made/home produced/home grown food eaten today.
Bread, eggs, cake ,lettuce, salad leaves,radish, beetroot,apples,pears.

Back Tomorrow - Keep Frugalling!


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