Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Into the unknown! - actually just shopping in Waitrose.

I was quite miffed several years ago when Somerfield in Saxmundham turned into Waitrose. I went in to look when they first opened but except for the odd time I've not been in since especially once  Tesco opened a couple of years back.
People kept telling me that they had more of their value range in stock now than in the past and then the other day Sue over at Our new Life in The Country was blogging about freebies at Waitrose so I thought it was time I went in for another look. I  signed myself up for a card on the way in and found that out of the ten things I needed today 4 things were the same price as Tesco, one was a 19p more ( tinned plum tomatoes) two were less because of the 10% card discount, two things they didn't have at all and I forgot to look and see if they had milk  at 3x4pints for £1 each. I'd parked on the Tesco car park so went back there for my milk anyway.
I might  use the card for free coffee another day but I'm not completely swayed to park on the other side of the road and do all my shopping there.

Nothing of interest to write about today. Him Outside  was working at our neighbours and after shopping I was fiddling about with various odd jobs.

Back tomorrow


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