Monday, 23 December 2013

Our Christmas food treats

With all the dire warnings for stormy weather I decided to head out early for the milk, fruit and cheese I needed to finish the Christmas shopping. So had everyone else in this part of Suffolk!
I got to Tesco car park just after 8.30 and it was filling fast. By the time I came home an hour later there were queues waiting to get into both Waitrose and Tesco car parks, and we are only a little town.
Him Outside went off early too, luckily he was working out in the countryside so didn't have to venture in to any towns, although he had been listening to local radio and said that Ipswich was jammed solid.
Now we are both home for a few days, no need to go anywhere until Friday - brilliant!

The joy of simple eating for 51 weeks  means that at Christmas it doesn't take a fortune to buy a few tasty treats that we don't have at other times of the year.

A few different cheeses including Red Leicester for the cheese scones I shall make tomorrow, some clotted cream for the fruit scones also on the job list, Pringles, now priced as a luxury food when a few years back they were much cheaper, tomatoes - something we never buy normally as we manage without them when we haven't got our own, chocolate biscuits are not usually on the shopping list and neither are lemons and tonic water which is my Christmas drink as I don't drink alcohol and am not keen on fruit juices or squashes either.
A good sized ham from a proper butcher will be cooked with some festive poultry. Celery, carrots and cream are in the fridge. Bacon and sausages are in the freezer. We've been given a bottle of wine already.  Everything else - potatoes,parsnips, sprouts,swedes,red cabbage, butternut squash, the bread sauce, the stuffing, the Christmas pudding, the chocolate Meringue Gateaux, the Christmas cake, mince pies and the scones and jam are all home made or home grown.

Back Tomorrow - Keep Frugalling!


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