Thursday, 19 December 2013

There's a hole in our polytunnel + the parsnip experiment

This hole in a poly - tunnel door appeared overnight.

  " I'll take the door off and put a new bit of plastic on" said Him Outside. He unscrewed the door, carried it up to the workshop, stood it down where it promptly collapsed into 7 bits of rotten wood.
So the door space has a temporary cover of another piece of plastic and awaits repair until he can buy a bundle of battens from Jewsons. Lets hope we don't get any gales before its fixed.

Going against advice in all the gardening books an experiment of starting parsnips in pots and then planting them out was tried this year. They germinated well, looked wonderful in neat rows with good leaf growth but the dry summer means that under the ground they look like this.

They taste fine and as we are not selling them it doesn't really matter.

We watched the last of The Monastery Farm series last night ( although there is a Christmas special). Our Conclusion = satisfactory but only fractionally better than the Wartime one but  why oh why do they try and film a year on a farm over 6 months. It was obviously NOT autumn at the end of the programme. The Bullaces were NOT ripe. Shall I cross the book off my wish list? No, I'll just wait until it's only a couple of pounds or less.
I wonder if they can think of any other historical periods to do or perhaps it's just reached a natural conclusion. If you want to watch a REALLY good historical farm series I can highly recommend TALES FROM THE GREEN VALLEY. It was on TV back in 2004 or 5. I expect the DVD is still available.

Nothing Christmassy done today, we didn't even have any more cards in the post this morning.

Welcome to follower number 107 in the pictures ( I'm not sure who you are but welcome) and a few more people have clicked the bloglovin' button too. Hope you enjoy my ramblings from Suffolk.


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