Saturday, 7 December 2013

Picture of Christmas

This morning we did a bit of wood cutting, he wields the chainsaw and I do the positioning of wood onto sawing horse and the wheelbarrowing the cut bits to the wood heap. At the moment we are using a lot of dead elms that he cleared from a friends farm last year and some leylandii from one of the trees cut down here a couple of years ago- using free wood for our heating is our biggest frugal money saver.
Late morning I hopped on my bike and cycled down to Friston to visit their mini Christmas Fair, its a really small village with an aging population and lots of second homes and  the Christmas Fair has got smaller each year since we moved here. I spent 50p on something that will go into the Christmas cupboard for next year!
A few more presents have been wrapped and things ticked off the list.
Here is another picture of Christmas given to me by M and R when they arrived yesterday. Hope I can keep it alive a bit longer than the last one I had. I'm not very good with indoor plants.


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