Monday, 2 December 2013

The second of December

I'm so pleased I bought the advent calender when I saw it in the charity shop in Stowmarket several weeks ago. I felt like a 10 year old opening the first door on Sunday. Door number 1 was the right hand top attic and there were a few baubles behind it. The calender now has pride of place on the living room sideboard.

We had a busy start to December yesterday as we cleaned out all 3 chicken sheds. A big trailer full of rich chicken poo compost for feeding the garden next Autumn. This is when we are really glad of the tractor as the muck can be forked straight into the loading bucket and then up onto the trailer. When it's 120 chickens to clean out anything that makes things easier is a bonus.

Today I went to Saxmundham for my main December shop. Several bits of Christmas food ( including a box of chocolate biscuits of course!) plus some food gifts have been bought. Then I popped into the post office for the Christmas stamps. There was a choice between these and some designed by children. Is there a choice every year? as I hadn't been asked before.

 I love sending and receiving cards, I know a lot of people frown on the waste of paper but a note on a computer e card is not as nice as hand writing a message to people I haven't seen for a while. It takes me ages to do cards as I usually write individual notes with an update on whats happening with us and the children.
Meanwhile at home Him Outside has been doing more repairs to the front fence and managed to get the large bits fixed up again. Then he had a rummage in the might-come-in-handy wood rack and found enough bits of weather board to replace the ones that were broken when the gale blew it over. So apart from filling some gaps under the gravel boards along the bottom the job is done and we are back to being hidden from all the cars stopping at the junction opposite.

Thank you to everyone for lovely comments yesterday after my review of the month blog. Taking time to pause and look back at all the things achieved during the month seems a nice thing to do before rushing headlong into the next month.


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