Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Back to a bit of "proper" work

Him Outside hasn't done any work for the County Council since before the heart problems in July. Previous to that he had been doing 2 or 3 days a month since he finished full time in March 2012. One of the inspectors has been off work for several months with serious back problems so bridge inspecting is a long way behind schedule and they need him back to help catch up. He wasn't keen to go full time and after a bit of discussion they agreed that he could have a van here and will do whatever he can between now and mid January.
So after lunch I took him to the station to catch the train to Ipswich and he came home with the van a few hours later. Apparently they are so far behind that he could work as many hours as he wants and even weekends- which he has no intention of doing.
This is going to be some unexpected money, which I guess will be saved, because who knows what the weather and the campsite income will be like next year.

Over the years I seem to have collected lots of Christmas decorations that need to stand rather than hang. Only now we have no mantlepiece and the advent calender is almost filling the cupboard, I've got nowhere to put them this year. Then I had a brainwave - The Kitchen dresser!
So I've taken off all the bits that are normally displayed there and replaced them with Christmas stuff. and I thought I might as well enjoy them for longer than the normal couple of weeks.

So here is my next Christmas picture
Not sure why it looks as if its leaning to the left. I hadn't been on the cooking sherry!


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