Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Oh what a night. Late December in 2013

There's windy weather and then there's VERY windy weather. I can't remember a night when it's been so windy for so many hours. I kept turning over to see if the clock was still going and then trying to work out how I would do a Christmas dinner for 6 with the Rayburn oven and the gas hob if the electric did go off. Thank goodness  it stayed on so I needn't have worried. Some parts of the country were not so lucky.

Our thoughts go to those who have lost family members in the storms just 1 days before Christmas. Loss of electric would have been a minor thing compared to that.

At day break we could see that our middle polytunnel had collapsed at the front, with the plastic tearing along the top and at the back.Everything else around the smallholding was OK. This is the first time in 22 years that we've lost a tunnel to storm damage.

Christmas Eve has chugged along with lots of list ticking and jobs done. Not too much left  to do really.
So tomorrow we will have
An Aldi 3 bird roast ( never had one before so hope it's OK) £9.99
Roast potatoes - Home grown - effectively free as we sold lots earlier in the year.
Roast Squash - Home grown -  "   "  "  "  "  "  "  "     "    "      "      "       "     "   "
Roast Parsnips - Home Grown - almost free
Brussels Sprouts -  Home grown - almost free
Swede  -  Home grown - almost free
Red Cabbage - Home grown - almost free
Carrots - Part of a value bag from Tesco approx 20p
Aunt Bessies Yorkshire puds 12 for £1 on offer at Tesco
Pigs in blankets in Honey mustard glaze - good sausages on offer at Co-op + value streaky bacon
                         from Tescos glazed with wholegrain mustard and honey.       
Bread Sauce - oddments of bread saved in the freezer over the last few weeks + home grown onion
                       Milk made from value powdered   + home grown  bay leaf +pepper+ bit of butter.
Cranberry Sauce - Value from Tesco, warmed in microwave with 2 teaspoons of port 50p + ?
Gravy - Chicken oxo cube plus thickening with cornflour - 10p + few pennies
Bottle of wine - A gift
Co-op pressed apple juice 75p

Desert - choice of ( or both!)
Christmas pudding - Home made - not sure how much it cost
Custard Made with Birds custard powder and milk from value powdered.
Single cream
Chocolate Meringue Gateaux - recipe is here  about £3. - 2 portions still in freezer - YUM

For anyone still hungry ( Brother in law!)
Cheese and biscuits  £ 1 savoury biscuit mix from Poundland + cheeses
A decent cup of coffee.
"After Eights" A look-a-like box from AF. 2 boxes for £1 - I think

Believe it or not some people will still want something at around 6.30 or 7pm 

So Christmas tea on the table for those who will want it ( Father in law, brother in law and Him Outside) will be the delicious ham, celery, tomatoes, bread rolls, chutneys, cheeses. Christmas cake, mince pies, scones. I shall be on the settee watching TV with a ham roll, scone, jam and clotted cream.

Back tomorrow

Happy Christmas to all out there in blogland



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