Saturday, 28 December 2013

Simple Living - The "rules" we will live by in 2014

 MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL We don't want to be miserable so simple living must make us happy.

We will think before we buy things. We will use the internet if it's cheaper. We won't go shopping just for fun but on the other hand we will visit charity shops and car boot sales on our days out.

We will know the difference between wants and needs.

We will keep an open mind when looking at advertising and new ideas. We can look and read without buying.

I will avoid going anywhere that requires new clothes. Our clothes are often from charity shops, they last ages because we wear old clothes at home. We don't need to follow fashion.

We are self employed so any day can be a holiday. We don't need to spend a fortune on going abroad to find the sun as we can catch the sun anytime we have a sunny day.

We won't suddenly feel the need to spend money on hair cuts or things to make us beautiful ( too late for that!)

We will not start keeping up with any Jones or anyone else.

We will always know what money we have. We will save all that we can on the good days to use on the bad days. We will check bank statements, we will only use the  credit card when necessary and pay off every month. We will make our savings work for us and try not to dip into them unless we really have to.

We will grow and use as much of our own fruit and vegetables as we can, we will eat with the seasons and keep our food simple.  This means that a take away and Christmas food becomes a special treat.

We will have faith in ourselves in being able to manage  on what we can earn.

We will enjoy ourselves- LOTS

In other words exactly the same as 2013!


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