Friday, 27 December 2013

Another Library Book photo

It was a windy cycle ride down to Friston this morning to get to the library van, but I was blown home again with this lovely bagful of books. 3 or 4 are new books by favourite fiction authors, there are a couple of new authors to try and some non-fiction too.
 Once again I've borrowed the book about The Building of the Green Valley to have another look through, after being reminded of it because if Monastery Farm being on TV. Then I found the information about  an older TV reality re-inactment - Surviving The Iron Age. I remember the programme but I'm not sure if I've seen the book before... it was published in 2001 maybe several years ago.

The overnight storms have caused more damage here - another bit of fencing blown over.
  All due to using some rubbishy posts ( obviously we didn't know at the time that they were such poor quality!). So that's another expense and another job for Him Outside in the New Year.
He went to work for the County Council this morning and then got a phone call from one of his gardening customers to ask if he could go and do a temporary repair to some of her fences which were also blown down last night.

We are still eating our way through the Christmas day leftovers, all delicious except for the Aldi 3 bird roast which we thought had  very strange flavoured stuffing as well as some really tough meat. I certainly won't bother with one of those again. The Christmas cake only had a small slice eaten on Christmas day so that will be a treat with an apple and piece of cheese for many days to come.
This Christmas we were given a total of 6 various boxes of chocolates! Never had so many before, I think they will last us until mid summer.
Apart from milk we will not need to visit a food shop until well into January. Our own eating apples are still keeping well so I've managed to  avoid buying fruit apart from some clementines for Christmas.

Now  I'm going to fill in my new diary with all the birthdays to remember and dentist appointments etc.

Thanks to everyone for comments yesterday.

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