Saturday, 1 June 2013

Looking back at May

Oh dear, in some ways May wasn't a good month, but they are at the end of the list!
Here is a look at all that happened on the Simple Suffolk Smallholding  in May
  1. Once again we earned more than we spent- always a good start to a review of the month.
  2. Thanks to the guys working at Sizewell Power station, the campsite income was our best ever start to a season. ( Campsite income is not counted in the above )
  3. Income from campsite has gone into ISA ready for winter.
  4. I earned some money working as a Poll Clerk 
  5. We got the new poly tunnel covered and planted full of tomatoes which we will sell later
  6. We also got everything else planted out ( except for pumpkins and squash plants - we are running late with them)
  7. Him Outside got another regular bit of work - looking after the grass cutting and strimming at a second home.
  8. Egg sales were eggscellant!
  9. We got rid of 3 years worth of unwanted odds and ends at a car boot sale - income £85
  10. I managed to sort out all the small pots of herbs, and prepared them to sell at the gate.
  11. We re-potted or chucked all my huge pots of weedy Hostas - something that we should have got done at least 2 years ago!
  12. Some good boot-sale bargains have filled in lots of spaces in my Christmas present book.
  13. We were able to eat the first and only (so far)  mini cucumber from the poly tunnel.
  14. I've had lots of good books from the library and done loads of reading.
  15. Co-op divi and Tesco voucher both arrived at end of the month- handy saving  of £29 for June  food spending.
Him Outsides sudden health issues are worrying.
 The awful weather means that lots of things in the garden are running very late or looking sad and things are on go slow in the poly tunnels.
Another month has gone by and I've done NO cross stitch again.
The food budget was way over because of trying some different things from  different places and having almost nothing from the garden.( Although the food cupboards are now full and June food spending will be down).
Campsite electric hook-up annual test found things that needed repair = Big Bill.
There had to be some spending on working boots for him and clothes for me.
We had nothing to sell at the gate except eggs and a bit of rhubarb.
Conclusion - Not a very frugal month. Must do better!


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