Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Poem Wot I wrote!

A couple of other blogs recently ( plus talking about writing a life story for the children to read) have reminded me of growing up in the 1960s. I looked through a some boxes of odds and ends to find this poem which I wrote several years ago as an entry in Knodishall Flower and Produce  Show - 'Poem of up to  12 lines about childhood'. As I have not much to blog about - it's been a quiet day here of bread baking, weeding, hoeing and catching a little bit of sunshine. I thought I would share this with you

Red cherryade in a dolls teapot
Sixpence to spend at the travelling shop
Aunties and Uncles coming to tea
These are the memories of childhood for me

Visits to Grandma, in town, once a week
Cousins who came and played hide and seek
Sunday School outings by bus to the sea
These are the memories of childhood for me.

Hot sticky traffic jams all the way to the coast
Softly boiled eggs and buttery toast
Long summer holidays, so good to be free
The fifties and sixties were childhood for me.

I think I won a prize for this, probably about 60p! Which reminds me that show schedules for this year are available down at the shop and I must pop in and pick one up.


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