Monday, 24 June 2013

Yet another cold grey day

I'm sure some parts of the country are warmer than us but here we have lit the woodburner tonight as it is just so blinkin' cold. And to make a grey day even worse Rafa is out of Wimbledon in the first round, that's not good!
I took Him Outside to the station early so he could go into town to pick up the van and files for the monthly inspection job. He hasn't many to do this month so will take the van back tomorrow after he has done all the reports on the computer.
At home I have been doing some baking and cleaning - not very exciting.
We've have one caravan arrive on the campsite- one of our regulars, but sadly his wife, who had been poorly for a few years, has died since they stayed last year. He is venturing out on his own for the first time, that must be a difficult thing to do.
That's my news today, and I'll be back tomorrow with more riveting updates to the progress on strawberry and gooseberry  picking! I didn't do either today - too cold to stand still picking fruit.


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