Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday, so can you guess where we went this morning?

Yes, of course, we went to the local car boot sale!  But after 2 months we are now starting to see some of the same old stuff every week. So very few bargains today, just 3 things bought actually. For £4 I found a huge box of Whittards tea bags with 9 different sorts of tea to try. I'm sure I have seen them in the Whittards shop in Ipswich for about £18. It will be interesting to try some of the weird varieties that we would never normally buy. I also bought a virtually brand new hard-back book for 50p which I shall hide away until Christmas as I think Him Outside will enjoy it. ( It's about cricket - which he listens to on the radio whenever possible). Him Outside bought a pack of new paint brushes for £1, ready for whenever we do the next bit of decorating. Then we came home again!
Unlike yesterday, the sun has shone all day today and we got the Pumpkin and Squash plants planted out onto the field. We pulled a little barrier of soil around each one in the hope that they will be protected from any strong winds that might blow them about. Some years we have covered them with a huge long length of fleece but that is quite hard work, which neither of us thought would be a good idea this year.
Here are the Pumpkin plants, potatoes are in the ridges on the right and then further over are the two rows of squash plants.

And here is a sight no small campsite owner wants to see! This is the caravan side of the site where the electric hook-ups are, and it is EMPTY! and we have no-one booked for 2 weeks. Oh well, at least I get a break from toilet cleaning!

Tomorrow morning Him Outside is off to help one of his customers with her allotment and I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I'm certain I shall find something that needs doing without looking too far.


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