Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A morning out.

First of all thank you to everyone for kind wishes re Him Outsides heart problems.
You've probably gathered by now that we don't stray far from home, local car boot sales, local shopping ( and now hospital visits) are often the furthest we go for most of the month. Just occasionally we venture a bit further for a tour of charity shops in a different town. We had a garden  voucher left from a gift last year and then we got sent another discount voucher plus yet another voucher for free coffees from the Wyevale Gardening Club, so as the weather forecast said today would be cloudy (they were wrong - the sun shone!) we decided to have a morning in Woodbridge, a small town about 15 miles from us.
We've recently made a new flower bed after taking down some huge Leyllandii a couple of years back, and although I sent for some cheap perennials to fill it they are still very small, leaving lots of space for weeds in between. So after seeing this on TV we are hoping for an amazing show of annuals in the gaps between the small perennials.
I'll let you know if it works! It was blinkin' expensive ( although we used the voucher) but cheaper than buying a whole load of bedding plants. ( I'm NOT advertising this - just telling you what we bought!). We had our free - luke warm -coffees, then went into town.
A trip around all the 7  charity shops  didn't result in many bargains although I spent the last of my birthday on a tunic for £4.50. Then I found a book that is on  my Amazon wish list, something to add to my collection of war time home front books. I thought it was a brilliant bargain at £2.99 as the last time I looked at the price on Amazon it was well over £5. So I was well fed up to come home, go onto Amazon to delete it from my wish list only to find they had one copy at 1p! How annoying is that, I could have saved 18p!! This is my collection and the book I've added.


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