Monday, 17 June 2013

It's Monday again.

I trotted off to the dentist this morning for a filling- Oh what a horrible experience. Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to sitting in that chair with my mouth open for what seems like hours. It's a toss up as to which is worse  - Dentist or smear test!!  I've made an appointment for this time next year and hope nothing goes wrong in the meantime.
Yesterday being Sunday we went to the local car boot sale as per usual. one lady had a box of craft stuff,  containing a new cutting mat, papers, sheets of pearlised card, card mounts, card blanks and peel offs which I was sorting through, to pick out the bits I wanted, when she offered me the lot for £8. As there were loads of sheets of "funky" alphabet letters, which are probably a £1 a sheet I thought I would take up her offer!

  We also found a few more plates and dishes matching my Johnson Brother Summer Chintz everyday stuff which I've had for YEARS. ( they are prone to chipping quite easily so if I spot spares going cheap I'll get them) With the plates were a set of matching cutlery - I didn't even know that Viners had produced cutlery to go with the china, so we had the lot for £5. When we got home I had a look on ebay to see if they were unusual or not. There were several sets on there, the boxed ones selling  for silly prices . Also loads of dinner and tea plates etc, all going very cheap - they must have produced masses. But what amused me was that some people are now classing them  as 'Vintage'.

 After the car boot we went on a trip to the Suffolk Showground where there was a Antique and Collectors Fair. We had never been to one before but as we are usually eating lunch when Bargain Hunt is TV we thought we would go and have a look. It was much smaller than advertised and very much smaller than the ones on TV. I got Him Outside a late  birthday present of two prints that were originally in the carriages of the L.N.E.R train company. They need the frames repairing or maybe re-framing, but luckily we have a friend who will do that for us for the cost of the materials and some fruit from the garden.

After the dentist I helped with shifting rubble as we  started getting the other bit of path ready for concreting in July and then Him Outside went off to do some strimming at the second home. They are back for one night at the weekend so he needs to get it tidy for them! I stayed at home and did the boring ironing.
Dinner tonight was part of  one of the packs of Co-op Yellow sticker chipolatas done as toad-in-the-hole, new potatoes from the garden, carrots (still using the value pack from the fridge) and Hip Hip Hooray! - the first of the pointy cabbages from the garden. The egg for toad in the hole is free as we eat the odd shaped ones that we can't sell, value flour used, so total cost probably less than 50p each. Our main evening meal is often less than 75p each and that is how we manage to afford my spending on craft stuff at car boots!!


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