Saturday, 15 June 2013

A P.S. to the parcel lady, the pylons and the path

If you are new to the parcel lady story you need to go back a couple of blogs for the beginning. When she was going on about the electricity being emitted from the pylons and cables I couldn't be bothered to get into a discussion and tell her that Sizewell Power Station wasn't actually producing any power at the moment as it's been off-line since mid May for repairs and maintenance, because I wasn't 100% sure it was still off. But this morning along came a van load of blokes from National Grid who were going up to the pylons to prepare them for the men who go whizzing along on a trolley thing to check the spacers and the earth wire. I said "Oh it must still be off line then" they said yes it's off for several more weeks otherwise they wouldn't be able to go up there!  I wonder if she would have stayed on our "sweet little site" if I'd have known they were definitely off ? I shall never know!
Thank you to everyone for comments on the blog over the last few days and apologies for not always getting around to replying individually.
This weather  is driving me nuts! Today we are back to grey and miserable and the wind is very strong and cold.
 We had 2 of the men Him Outside once worked with come along to do our path and they got a really good big bit done which was brilliant. We reckon between me and him we can get the paviers              ( freebies chucked out by a neighbour) laid outside the conservatory door, it's pushing a heavy wheelbarrow that seems to give him most problems with the chest pains so I shall be barrowing - probable half loads of cement -  at a time and he will lay the things. The guys will be back in July to do the rest of the wide pathway  so we have plenty of time to get it ready for concreting,and then we will be much tidier.
This is a photo I first put on the blog  back when I started in April. It is a wrens nest made in some coils of baler string which is hung on a nail in the shed. Now the fledglings are out and about and there are at least 3 tiny balls of feathers hoping about in the shed with their parent making a huge noise anytime we go near.


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