Saturday, 22 June 2013

What a lot of WIND!

The calender says that today is 22nd June, but we have a really strong wind whistling around the house and first thing this morning it was definitely chilly.
Two visitors leaving the campsite today after a few days stay- both said it was a lovely site, which is nice to hear. I turned the page in the diary to see who is coming in next and realised we have NO BOOKINGS for most of July! Now this is really odd and must be due to the iffy weather I suppose. Surely we haven't spent all that time and money on the shower, new toilets and Recreation room for nothing.
This morning we popped 4 miles up the road to Snape Village Hall where the W.I were having a Table Top sale. Lots of very nice things, but nothing that I needed. ( and I was 3 seconds too late to nab a big earthenware jug for £2) Then I spotted this bag, brand new, for £1 and decided it would brighten up every shopping trip.
Our next stop was just up the road to Snape Maltings Concert Hall and Posh shopping destination for all the people who have second homes in the area. This is the link if you want a peek. . We had a look around but you have to be well heeled to buy there. Lovely stuff though! What we were there for really was just to pick up some leaflets about The Aldeburgh festival and Snape Proms which take place every August. This year they are celebrating Benjamin Brittens centenary, so lots of extra things happening. The Aldeburgh Festival was begun by Britten way back. Here's what they have happening if you like that sort of thing.
There are lots of walks along the river and a boat trip too and today being a Saturday everywhere was very busy, so we just picked up lots of leaflets to put on our information shelves in the recreation room and then we  came home again.
I may be grumpy tomorrow as we have just found out that some Londoners who own a second home two fields away are having a HUGE 21st birthday party for their daughter tonight.( These are not the people who Him Outside is grass cutting for but they are their friends so now we have to be nice and smiley about it!) Last year they had an 18th party for their son and from 5pm to 5 am the music was so loud it made the house vibrate! We got no sleep and found out later that someone in the village had called the police who couldn't find the source of the noise! We could have told them! People don't realise how sound carries in the quiet countryside.Just praying it stays wet and windy so we can't hear them!
What a mean grumpy old woman I am!


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