Friday, 14 June 2013

Anti climax

Well, she came, she collected the parcel ( apparently it was some special pro-biotic drink for her stomach!) she apologized for being a nuisance, she actually drove onto the campsite but said she wouldn't have been able to stay because "the cables and pylons give off electricity", she said it looked a"sweet little site". I just smiled and said receiving her parcel  had been no problem at all and off she went. Presumably to somewhere much safer!
Meanwhile, back in the real world, I collected another lovely pile of library books from the mobile library. They are mostly crime fiction this month 
  except for this one below, which if it is as good as it looks might get added to my wish list for my Home Front collection.

 As we have 2 or 3 blokes here tomorrow doing the concreting of half of the back path, I made a nice big fruit cake to keep them sustained. They have said they can come back in a few weeks to do the other half so that will be brilliant. Him Outside and I managed to get the smaller bits of rubble cleared and the shuttering edges for the path fixed. He went and collected the cement and ballast so we are right ready.
While he was collecting cement I popped into Co-op where much to my surprise they actually had one pack of reduced price neck of lamb chops and chipolatas. When I say reduced it's only by a third but living around here that's quite good. Amongst the reduced price fruit and veg there was a small swede ( and mouldy strawberries! - didn't buy those!) so the swede went with the lamb, value carrots from the fridge, our own onions-lasting really well this year- and mint from the garden,to make a nice lamb stew. Which is quite a treat, as lamb is something that we ate a lot years ago when we kept and bred sheep but is now priced out of reach. They had three packs of chipolatas so I got all three and popped them into the freezer.
I watched some tennis this afternoon and then had a surprise visit by a retired couple from Essex who've camped on the site several times over the last 20 years. They have had to give up camping so were staying at a B & B not far away so they could go to some Benjamin Britten events at Snape Maltings and in Aldeburgh (This is the centenary celebration of Britten with lots of special thing happening) and thought they would pop in to say hello.So we caught up over a cuppa. I thought it was such a coincidence some of our friendly visitors should call in on the same day as the" lady with the parcel"!


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