Saturday, 8 June 2013

June 8th? It's more like January!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO cold here today. If  you couldn't see there were leaves on the trees you would think it was a winters day. The wind is a strong North East - straight down from the arctic and not a glimmer of sunshine.We didn't even bother to open the polytunnel doors. The Rayburn was lit for hot water earlier and now the woodburner is alight for warmth.
 Apart from collecting eggs I've been inside all day which is very depressing. Him Outside took the tractor with the topper to do the meadow at the second-home, then visited the elderly friend whose job it used to be. I fiddled about with ideas for card making but inspiration was sadly lacking.
At the beginning of the week  a cheque arrived for the  machinery that Him Outside took to the collective farm  auction last month. I put it away ready to add to the ISA. Then next day we got a letter to say that a computer glitch had caused the wrong date to be printed on all the cheques and we had to send it back. The date printed was 32/10/51! I wonder what the world will be like in 2051?
Dinner tonight was cold chicken with salad and potatoes and stewed apples and raspberries from the freezer. I had a good sort-out in the freezer depths the other day and was surprised that we still had several small bags of fruit left - mainly raspberries and redcurrants with a 2lb bag of gooseberries and a few bags of apple slices. I think I might mix the g.gogs with some raspberries and redcurrants and make some tutti- frutti jam. I'm checking the gooseberry bushes  for sawfly caterpillers most days and the crop is looking good as long so as the weather is  warm and we get some good rain  it won't be long before I'm putting this years harvest into the freezer.
Now going to watch Rugby - England  v Argentina. French Open tennis finals tomorrow, Queens Club tennis next week and Wimbledon very soon = My favourite time of the year!


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