Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bringing Electricity to the Nation!

Here is what some people have to do for a living so that we can all have electricity. They winch these motorized hanging bucket things up the pylons and then zoom along replacing all the spacers. One man in each vehicle. And it was very windy!

They must have a fantastic view of the countryside, but I guess they don't have time to look around. Not a job I would fancy. When it started thundering they came down pretty quick I think.

Thank you to Pam in Tydd, Bridget of Malbridge House, Everyday Life on a shoestring, Sarah at Frugal in Bucks and Fran at Bonnieofclyde for comments yesterday. Fran suggested that when I write my memoirs I should include the story of the parcel lady. That's a good idea, as I am thinking about writing a life story thing, just for the children  and their children ( if they get around to having any). I grew up in the 1950s and 60s and so many of the things that happened then have gone. So far I've got the title! Which will be "My small Suffolk World".   I guess I ought to crack on with it before it's too late!


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