Tuesday, 18 June 2013

3 hours of Summer?

It was actually HOT and sunny for a while today, then it turned hazy and humid, then cloudy.
 I made a double batch of Tomato and Herb bread rolls, helped tidy up all the tools and odd bits of wood left laying about after the path work, took the secateurs and a wheel barrow around the garden to cut off things that were sticking out, dug some potatoes and picked strawberries. At last there were actually enough for a few each for dinner tonight.
Him Outside did some strimming over the road at our neighbours and then after lunch went off to the second home for grass cutting.
Apart from all the usual egg collecting, sorting and boxing up, toilet cleaning on the campsite  and dinner preparations plus washing up etc. That was all I did today.
Which should have  left some time for reading some more of this- 5th in a series of modern Police crime set in the wilds of west Scotland.Well written with a bit of an edge to them.
 But then I remembered that I hadn't finished looking at and sorting out the haul of car boot craft stuff, so decided to do that instead. My problem is that I really need a proper way of storing all my various backing papers and card toppers so that I can find them easily. I think a company called Storage4crafts do lovely shelf and box units BUT as they are several hundred pounds each I shall be managing without one of those!
Lazy cooks dinner tonight - fish fingers( on special offer last week) new potatoes, mixed frozen veg ( broad beans and sweetcorn are our own, peas are not). And those very delicious strawberries for dessert. Costing even less than yesterdays frugal meal = 40p each


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