Monday, 10 June 2013

Open Wide!

Actually they don't say that any more. My once a year visit to the dentist happened this morning and I need a filling so have to go back next week too. I dread going for weeks beforehand, it wasn't too bad when I had the same dentist for 18 years but then he suddenly retired and now it has been somebody new each time.
I then popped in the Co-op and got £42 pounds of store cupboard stuff, fruit, milk and other odds and ends for £22 thanks to having a £5 off an over £40 spend voucher + £14 of divi vouchers and £1 off fruit voucher. Seemed like a good shopping trip - pity divi vouchers are only twice a year!
 Last night I finished the 4th and final book about the Cazalet family by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I enjoyed them immensely and am so pleased they were recommended to me as I probably wouldn't have tried them otherwise. The library van is due Friday so my pile of books has lasted me well. I think there is another nice big lot awaiting.
That awful North east wind has gone thankfully, so although it's still grey at least it is a few degrees warmer today.
Him Outside  cut the grass on both parts of the campsite, then we have to make a start on sorting out the rubble around the back of the house and marking out the path edges as his 3 ex-work friends are coming at the weekend to begin concreting. The tablets he is taking are working well and he is feeling much better with no chest pains for a week now, so between us we should be able to get that work done.
We had our first strawberry for lunch - half each!  and the final asparagus for dinner. Now it must be left to recover until next year.
That's the story of our simple life on an ordinary Monday.
More wild excitement tomorrow :-) 


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