Saturday, 29 June 2013

Back to normal - thank goodness

First of all, Many, Many Thanks for all the good wishes yesterday. ( Everyday life on a shoestring, Dc, Julie,Trudie, Morgan, Scarlet and Debbie all wishing Him Outside better- Thank you.)
 Him Outside survived his first ever hospital stay and as I thought, they chucked him out yesterday evening ( our youngest daughter and her  partner went and picked him up, saving me a journey) They never got around to doing a CT scan and decided that as his BP was OK again he could go home and get referred back later for the scan. Weird way of working - I've never understood how hospitals work. There might be a problem with something that showed up on the X Ray but whatever it was should have been making him ill and as it isn't that will also wait for further investigation! Meanwhile he seems fine - apart from the angina. So we will wait for more info after the scan and angiogram thingy.
I got all the smallholding jobs done yesterday, but why is it that the phone rings just as I'm stepping out the back door or sitting on the loo?
Another question - Why is it that just as I go out to clean the campsite toilets and shower at 11.15a.m someone walks over wanting to use both?
So many questions - so few answers!
I picked 6lb strawberries this morning so decided to put some out for sale. We don't often have enough to sell any. Although I do freeze some for jam making I won't bother with freezing many others, as I think they are nasty after being frozen and so many other fruits do much better in the freezer. My jam and chutney shelves are still quite full, so I won't need to do loads of things this year.

Just turned on the TV to see what's happening at Wimbledon - why is the sun shining there while we have cloud ?- Not Fair!! Him Outside said he heard they have unusually high temps of 54 C in some parts of the USA. Phew! That's too warm.
Right, time to put the kettle on for a cuppa. Him Outside has been doing the brakes on the jeep, something he can do sitting down. He MUST be feeling better.
Thanks again for the good wishes, I'm glad I started this blogging thing in April, so many nice people out there.


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