Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What to do with a blog and more about the local Produce Show.

Here's what one man did with his blog- he turned it into a book. Actually I think a lot of people have done that already but this is the first one I have read. Him Outside came across the info for this and ordered it from the library. After he had read it he said I would probably like it though it was gruesome in parts. I've only just started it and haven't got to any gory bits yet.

Having been reminded of writing a poem about childhood for a Flower Show years ago, wondering why I hadn't entered anything recently and nudging myself into picking up a schedule for this years show, I now have to decide what to enter.

I'm not as keen as some people who spend hours cleaning and polishing their vegetables so I only enter things that can be just cut or picked. I don't do Flower Arranging so that section is out. There are several things in the Domestic section that I'm hopeless at making ( Plain Victoria Sandwich cake for instance) and in the Handicrafts section I don't do knitting, painting, drawing or photography. SO
What's left?
In the veg section I shall enter Chillies, Peppers, Courgettes and Tomatoes, maybe beans if they grow in time, perhaps a cucumber and then Aubergine in the Any Other Vegetable Not previously listed Class.
In the Domestic Section I could do Rich Fruit Cake,Sultana scones,Suffolk Rusks,Loaf of Brown Bread(Hand made) and Cheese scones. Plus the Summer fruits jam that I made the other day, Jar of Chutney and of course Six Eggs ( home produced). Although I have a feeling that several years ago there were mutterings that maybe I shouldn't enter eggs as we have rather more hens than most home hen keepers.
In the Handicrafts Section I could enter  Any Small Cross Stitch Article, A hand-made card for a baby, A small Christmas Decoration and a Short Poem About a Village. ( question- how short is a short poem?!)
Entry is 20p per class which goes to pay for the prizes;- First £1, Second 70p and Third 50p. There's BIG money involved!!
 It's all good fun although lots of people take it very seriously and as well as money there are cups and trophies to be won and held for the year. I once won the Whiting Shield for my tomatoes as they were The Best Entry In The Vegetable Section!
There are Childrens classes too and when our lot were little I would encourage ( nag) them to make things to enter which would keep them occupied for the first week of the school holidays.
So it's all very well talking the talk but now I shall have to get stitching and writing poetry!

News re Him Outsides heart problems;- today he had to go to the surgery to have a 24 hour Blood pressure monitor attached, which inflates every 30 minutes during the day and every hour at night. It is already showing some VERY weird readings. Not sure what that means- we shall see what they decide to do next.


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