Sunday, 23 June 2013

Bleary eyed on Sunday!

The very loud music from the party at the second home started up around 8pm, stopped for a HUGE firework display at 11pm and then it was thump,thump,thumping away until after 3am. As we had been pre-warned ,we shifted ourselves into the  spare room where the window faces in the opposite direction and slightly quieter and might have slept OK except for the mattress feels really hard and solid, which is what the children say when they are visiting and sleeping on it. So may have to find some sort of mattress topper for that bed.
Luckily some visitors in a caravan on the campsite down at ground level, and sheltered by hedges, didn't hear the music until just before it finished. So didn't feel disturbed at all.
VERY windy again today, it doesn't feel right for June but we have had some good showers of rain which will help the fruit and vegetables.
So another delicious bowl of strawberries have been picked

And then I decided to start the mammoth gooseberry picking job and put 8 punnets out for sale,  and a couple of hours later they had sold so I picked another 6 punnets. Probably about 180 punnets still to pick!
Here they are on our stall at the gate

The remainder of the day has been spent watching the Athletics on TV and resting after our disturbed night.


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