Friday, 28 June 2013

2 Crazy Days

Him Outside is in hospital having some tests after the BP monitor went off the scale, the doctor called an ambulance for him yesterday morning. X Rays have shown a problem which seems to be unconnected with the angina diagnosis so he had some tests and  is now waiting for a CT Scan. I went to see him last night and he had already read the one book he took with him, so I took 4 more! I can't imagine they will keep him in over the weekend unless they have to, as they usually send as many home as possible while the place grinds to a halt for weekends.
Meanwhile back at the Simple Suffolk Smallholding things are mad:- Phone calls, Arrivals on the campsite, Campsite cleaning,  Bread making, Putting flowers out for sale, Eggs as usual, Broad Beans to put out for sale and into freezer, lighting the Rayburn for hot water as there is no sun to heat the solar water thingy and Cauliflower plants arrived to plant. So I'm rushing around like the proverbial blue ar**d fly, trying to get it all done.
More news tomorrow.


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