Friday, 31 May 2013

Friday job - weeding the garden.

Thanks to Bridget at Malbridge house who said yesterday that perhaps I would wake up today and find it was summer and I did!
It actually took a couple of hours for the sun to work it's way through the clouds but since then its been 14 degrees warmer than yesterday and I'm back in shorts - not a pretty sight.
When Him Outside went to hospital a couple of weeks back for tests, I went too, just in case the nasty stomach camera thing made him feel ill. But we decided it was a waste of good weather for me to go with him today as he was 'just' going to the chest pain clinic for ECG on a treadmill  to confirm the previous diagnosis of Angina and to find out what they would do next.
So I got busy outside and tackled a corner of the garden that I haven't took photo's of before, as it was a mess. It was over-run with Tansy, which has never been planted in this area so came in by seeding from another bit of garden about 8 yards away. WARNING if you ever fancy planting a herb garden with unusual herbs, DO NOT plant Tansy! Unless you would like lots of tansy all over the place and as it smells horrible why would you? The problem is that it spreads by running roots so even though I've pulled up every bit I could see, I probably can't get rid of it except by digging up the whole bed.

The bottom photo is a close up of tansy where it is growing at the bottom of a trellis arch and that is my next place to tidy up.

Him Outside arrived back from Ipswich Hospital mid afternoon with a more or less definite diagnosis of angina and clutching a bundle of boxes of tablets which he will now have to take daily. This is such a weird thing as when I started this blog just a couple of months ago the only thing wrong with him was a dodgy knee that would ache when rain was approaching. Now he gets chest pains when doing anything involving shoveling or lifting heavy things and we may have to change a lot of things that we do here.With the thought now in the back of our minds that we might not be able to stay and work a 5 acre smallholding for quite as long as we had planned. He will be back to hospital for more tests within 8 weeks.
The flowers on the quince tree have now opened, they are so pretty. How did I manage to take a photo without getting a flower in the middle of the picture? what a twit! Put glasses on next time!
I know that I need my glasses on for lots more things now as this is the first year that I've needed them  to check the gooseberry bushes for the tell tale signs of sawfly caterpillar.
Seems old age is creeping up on both of us!


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