Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nothing happened today!

Despite thinking it was Monday all day because I was doing Mondays jobs it has been a normal sort of day. Him Outside went off early to do odd jobs for one of his customers, while I stayed at home and made bread, baked some chocolate cakes to put in the freezer, gave the kitchen worktops a good scrub, did some hoovering,wrote lists for shopping, meals and jobs that need doing during the week and tackled the ironing.
We still have a family group with tent and caravan on the campsite and just 2 guys who are still working at the Sizewell Power Station. The other blokes are working elsewhere now although one or two might be back later in the summer.
The weather has been a bit grey and I've done nothing outside.
In fact there is really nothing  to write about!
Perhaps tomorrow will be more interesting.


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