Sunday, 19 May 2013

Photos on a sunny day

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday :- Bridget at Malbridge House, Pam in Tydd, Frugal in Bucks and Frugal in Derbyshire and welcome to a new visitor - Rolojo.( also apologies for missing Karen at Chelmarsh, when I was doing replies the other day).
 A warmer and sunnier day today and we got more gardening done, after our usual quick dash to the car boot sale ( £1 spent on two small Christmas gifts.) Plus  a couple of people had Hostas for sale some £5 and some £2, you can guess which ones I bought! I have several various colour combinations now but will still look for a one that has green edges to white leaves. I think they all have different names but the only one I know is called 'White Feather', it starts of almost white in early spring only changing to pale green as the summer comes.It's not very vigorous which must be something do do with the lack of chlorophyll - if I'm remembering Biology lessons correctly. (That sounds too scientific - probably a load of rubbish!)

We got the onion weeding finished, some rabbit fencing and enviromesh over 4 beds of various greens,one lot of supports and canes up ready for runner beans.

 Then Him Outside volunteered to climb up on a pile of bricks to take a picture of the whole vegetable garden.( this makes the pylons look even closer than they are which is actually on the adjoining field right at the top of our 4 acre meadow.)
It was so lovely and sunny I wandered around taking more pictures.
The Lilac, coming out at last.

The strawberry bed
Out of the front gate and over the road, this field is planted with beans, but they look a bit sparse.

And then it was lunch time- nearly all home grown today. Lettuce, mixed salad leaves, various coloured radishes and asparagus with a few cubes of cheese and a splodge of mayo being the only things bought.

That's my lot for today, need some reading time! Back tomorrow.


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