Sunday, 5 May 2013

This probably isn't the most fun you can have for under £15 on a Bank Holiday Sunday but we enjoyed it.

As I said yesterday, Bank Holiday weekends are always working weekends for us. Looking after our campers and making sure the toilets are clean and bins emptied etc means that we stay at home. Luckily we can always fit in a trip up the road to the local car boot sale and be back in time to do the campsite and smallholding jobs.
This morning there were dozens of booters there and we  actually I found several things that will make Christmas presents and other useful stuff all for a total of £14.20p. ( Him Outside only spent 50p on 2 paintbrushes.)This is our haul

The table football game was Just £1, another thing for the campsite Recreation Room - What a bargain!  3 plates matching our everyday stuff. 4 Square candles and a Habitat Candle plate, Christmas tag making craft set,Huge Cup and saucer, Gift pack of orange and ginger smellies,2 cushion covers,a book of Sudoku puzzles, handbag,marble pestle and mortar, Pack of peppermint tea bags, new jar of cinnamon, oil drizzle bottle, cross stitch kit and a paperback and a brand new hardback book by Elly Griffiths ( modern crime) which I have had on order from the library for months and I'm still about 10th on the list and last but not least 3 brand new T shirts with  Past Times labels. Nothing was  over £2 and as I said the total was £14.20p.( How many Christmas gifts can you buy for under £2 each?- There are 4 here)
I've filled in several more spaces in my Christmas book, which has spread the cost of Christmas and saved a lot of money.
 And now for something completely different.
This is something I heard early this morning on the radio. When I looked at this site there were already over 400 comments. It makes interesting and worrying reading.
Millions are borrowing money from friends or family or using credit cards to buy food. This is the findings of a Which Report
Now I must get busy as we have our son and girlfriend staying here and I'm doing a family dinner for 6 as our youngest daughter and her boyfriend will be coming around to join us. I found a recipe for a triple chocolate baked cheesecake - and have altered it by using all basics and value ingredients, we shall see what it is like.(Value bourbons,tubs of cream cheese and chocolate + our own free eggs of course ( we use the ones that we can't sell) The main course includes our own purple sprouting broccolli and home made vegetable pasties.


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