Saturday, 4 May 2013

The start of a Holiday weekend ( but not for us!)

There is one problem with earning a living in the tourist/growing things business - when everyone else is enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend and the better weather of May, we are running around in circles trying to catch up with jobs and looking after our visitors. BUT as I have no wish to work for someone else, self employment is really the best thing.
 Today apart from cleaning the campsite loos, collecting and sorting 8 dozen eggs and the usual house jobs, I've been potting up pumpkin, squash and tomato plants and planting out courgette plants into the garden. Him Outside put the red cabbage, calabrese and white cabbage plants out and planted the aubergines into the polytunnel.
Earlier this morning we zoomed to a car boot sale slightly further away than usual. It is only held on the first Saturday of the month from May to September and has different people there to our usual local booters. Him Outside got the best bargain again when he found a big set of screwdriver bits for the rechargeable drill/screwdriver thingy for 50p. Our conversation goes like this - Me -" haven't you got some of them already?" Him Outside - " Yes but they get lost/lose their points and I'm always needing them". Me - " I bet if you tidied up the workshop you would find some you didn't know you had" Him Outside - " I know where Everything is in there ". Me " Mmmmm Yes Dear". ( I can't understand how he finds anything in his muddle, so this is an oft repeated conversation!)
I found two cushions for £1 each virtually the same colours as one I had already which are the living room colours. I'm not sure that it's possible to make a new cushion for a pound? The one on the left is my original cushion that is the same as my curtains and on the right one of those bought today, - not a bad match at all. I also picked up another white pudding basin for 50p. I make several Christmas puddings which go into hampers for family members so pudding basins are always handy. We found a set of dominoes (50p) and a box of mixed board games (£1) to put in the campsite 'Recreation Room'. I'm really pleased with how it is looking in there. A really good place for groups or families to use if the weather is not to good. ( 5pm here and we have a huge downpour at the moment). I was also pleased with finding a brand new purse for £1.50  as mine is on its last legs, and I had been looking for one since the beginning of the car boot season.Finally I found a couple of paperbacks that look interesting for 20p each and a little notebook with space for inserting a small cross stitch picture for 10p This last one will be a present for a penfriend when I've done the cross stitch. So a good hour was spent and we were home in time for coffee.
We have an elderly friend who has been looking after the grass cutting at a second home close to us, but he now has to go into hospital for a new hip. So today Him Outside has been up to meet the home owners and will take over the grass cutting until Mr B is recovered enough although he is over 80 now so may not be able to tackle the work again. Seems awful to benefit from a friends hospitalisation.
That's me done for today. I hope your Bank Holiday Saturday has been just how you like it to be! Busy or restful?


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