Monday, 6 May 2013

Polytunnel cover on.

It's almost done! We took advantage of having our son and his girlfriend here and a sunny day to get the plastic cover over the polytunnel frame. We've backfilled the trenches with the dirt taken out, poured several cans of water over, and then it was all stamped down which then holds the plastic in place. We have the wooden door frames to cover with more plastic and  they will be fixed at each end tomorrow. It's so much easier to pull the plastic over and hold onto it with 4 pairs of hands. Just hope we don't get gales overnight before it's properly finished!
 Our carboot outing this morning was a disappointment as most of the booters were the same as those there yesterday, so we had a quick dash round at Friday Street and then a even quicker look at the mini boot fair in our nearest village. My only purchases were a big red and white spotty mug for 25p  and a few more Beatrix Potter books which I have been collecting (as long as they are only pence each) I missed out on reading these as a child and also never really enjoyed reading them to our 3 when they were little. Preferred Shirley Hughes' lovely books.
Did manage an hour sitting in the conservatory between jobs- thankfully - feet up and good book!


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