Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Grey Day - both the weather and a missing towel.

It looked like being a grey dismal day so after putting it off for over a week we ventured out the 25 miles to our nearest big town - Ipswich, County town of Suffolk.  Poundland, Wilkinson and Aldi were calling! They have things that are so much cheaper it makes it worth the trip. Also we wanted to have another look at Sainsburys to see what we were missing in the way of their Value Brands, as other frugalers seem to find lots of bargains there.  Him Outside found Value Muesli which surprisingly says 'no added sugar'. He has tried other cheapies and found they were far too sweet. We also got the value loo rolls for the campsite but as we stupidly forgot the cold-box we couldn't take advantage of cheaper meat, fish and cheese.
Aldi did have Allinsons flour for £1- much to my surprise, I wonder why it shot up to £1.79 at Tesco? They also have little tins of sardines and tuna for much less than value brands elsewhere. Then into the town centre where it seems that there are even more empty shops than 6 weeks ago. But a chance discovery in The Butter Market Centre cheered me up - we discovered a new shop called Grape Tree. It was full of dried fruit, nuts, herbs and spices in plain packages looking awfully similar to Julian Graves which closed last August. Not only did it look similar but the shop lady told me that it was being run by the original owners of Julian Graves before they were taken over by Holland and Barrett and then closed down. She said they have now re-opened 16 shops around the country - several in the West Midlands where they were originally based. Good news indeed when so many shops are struggling. Our last stop on the way home was to use our Gardening Club card at Wyevale for some compost on special offer. Most of it will be for next year.  I would have liked a wander around all the pretty bits and pieces in the kitchen section but time was getting on and Him Outside wanted his lunch!
Now the missing grey towel. We have 2 very large dark grey bath towels ( as well as some others of course!). When I was in the bathroom yesterday I was pondering that there was only one grey towel on the towel stacker thing, but the other one wasn't in the wash basket as I had loaded the washing machine not long before and would have seen it. So today I started a search. It couldn't be in the spare room as I had hoovered and stripped the bed yesterday and would have seen it. Upstairs and downstairs I looked,  in all sorts of unlikely places- How could I have lost a large bath towel? 
Then I started again, everywhere I had already looked and FINALLY in the spare room at last there it was all the time- hanging on hook on the back of the door ( which opens against a wall ). So message to son - next time you are here please leave towels somewhere I can see them!
No pictures for the blog today - too grey and nasty for photos outside and  nothing exciting happening indoors.


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