Friday, 17 May 2013

New Library books today . Hooray!

Now that our library van only comes once in 4 weeks it is quite an event to look forward to. ( I'm a Simple Suffolk Smallholder - so easily pleased : - ).

 We could  go into the library in Leiston  but books are only on loan for 3 weeks there, which means always keeping an eye on the date they are due, whereas from the Mobile you can keep them for 8 weeks, makes life much easier. I'm sorry to say that Suffolk Library Service has gone downhill a bit since Suffolk County Council passed the running of it to a Community Interest Group, no fault of the staff as they were treated pretty badly and they are all wonderful. ( Many years ago I was  a Suffolk County Council Library Assistant so I have to say that!) But the new computer system is dreadfully slow and longwinded. Books ordered take an age to arrive, less new books are bought so waiting lists are very long. I have a list of favourite authors and check the website at Fantastic Fiction to see when they have new books due, then I order from the library. My Amazon recommendations list is also checked regularly to see if it comes  up any new ideas. When all else fails and nothing much has arrived via books ordered then I can revert to reading my own stock of several 100 books. Having nothing to read is very unlikely here.
Here is today's haul, not enough to last 4 weeks I fear.

So I shall read some of these - just part of the collection!

Whoops, nearly forgot to say thank you to Karen at Chelmarsh ( who might come and stay on our campsite, which will be fun),Bridget at Malbridge House and Dc who is over the border in Norfolk, where they have a football team, that we who live in Suffolk, NEVER mention!! Thanks to you all for yesterdays comments.
I see the comment by "Anonymous" left on My Beautiful Life blog that I mentioned yesterday has been deleted by a moderator!


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