Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Busy day as usual

Back to normal today after the Bank Holiday weekend so after getting the washing out,  spent the morning baking 2 loaves of bread and 5 pastry-cases, 4 to put in the freezer, and one to make an asparagus quiche for dinner tonight. Those put in the freezer will be used  for quiches or to rustle up a lemon meringue pie at short notice. Then quick bike ride ( 3 mile round trip) down to village for milk and fruit from the nursery. More expensive than Tesco or Co-op but as that was all we needed works out cheaper than driving anywhere. Then back to do big clean up with the hoover and a stiff brush on the mats.  Him Outside was doing some garden maintenance work for our neighbour this morning and then getting the poly-tunnel door frames covered in plastic and hung. The rhubarb is growing well so picked a huge bundle today - some for us for dinner(rhubarb fool) and the rest to sell to another neighbour.
Then 8 dozen eggs to collect and box up, washing to get in and sort, dinner to finish preparing. Oh, I also did a bit of hoeing of weeds in the raspberry, asparagus and daffodil beds. They were like CONCRETE! We've had almost no rain for 6 weeks, farmers are getting their huge irrigators ready for the carrot and onion crops on the light soils down the road.
This is our asparagus - not as thin or as straight as you would buy, but extremely delicious.
I hope your evening meal is as tasty and  as ours!


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