Thursday, 9 May 2013

Windy day in Suffolk, but otherwise quite quiet.

It is so windy here this afternoon, hope it doesn't do too much damage. Every year just as we get lots of blossom on the trees we seem to get a windy day to blow it all off again.
Today, after 21 years of fighting our way into the fruit cage ( because the door was just a piece of netting weighted at the bottom and was always getting tangled up) we have a proper door, hinged  and with a hook and eye catch. Even when the old fruit cage posts rotted away and we replaced them we still had the hanging net door. Him Outside decided it was a job he could do this morning, And hooray! it was soon done. I have no idea why it has taken 21 years to do?

Not much else of note happened here today. I fiddled about making a fruit cake and then tidying and potting up some small herb plants into bigger pots ready to sell later. Him Outside collected the chickens that are to stay here whilst their owner is in hospital and then went off to a second home not far from us to cut their grass. Dinner was home made chips, with home grown asparagus and chicken thighs baked with a spicy, crunchy crust.
That's it- Quiet,frugal day in Suffolk


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