Friday, 24 May 2013

Tomato and herb rolls good with.... EVERYTHING!

Last time I made my Tomato and Herb rolls and tried to upload the picture onto the blog was when things went strange and nothing would work. Thankfully all was OK this time.
I concocted this recipe by combing two different recipes from an old book on bread making. We started eating them with things like spagi bol. or lasagne, (instead of garlic bread). Then we found they were quite nice with all sorts of things!
Recipe for Tomato and Herb Rolls
1lb Bread Flour
Good Teaspoon instant yeast
Half Teaspoon salt
2 heaped teaspoons dried herbs ( Herbs Provencale or Italian Mixed herbs)
2 Big Tablespoons of Tomato Puree dissolved in a little hot water then use cold water to make half pint tepid water.
Mix all the dry things add the water, mix well then knead really well for 10 minutes.
Leave to rise until doubled in size
Knead again but only gently then divide into 8 rolls, put on greased tray, leave to rise again then bake for about 12 to 15 minutes at 200C Fan or Gas 7
Cool on a wire rack

 I also made a quiche using some of the chard we have in the garden. Chard is quite a handy thing to grow because it will sit all winter and then put in a growth spurt of small leaves in the spring ( just in time to help fill the hungry gap) before running to seed.  By which time I have grown from seed again and just last week planted out the new plants which will give us lots of young leaves later in the autumn and will be there for spring  2014. This time of year all the big outside leaves of the old plants are handy for feeding to the chickens. I grow just plain chard  because the although Rainbow mixed coloured Chard looks pretty, it is not so hardy.
While I was busy in the kitchen avoiding the rain, Him Outside took shelter in the polytunnels and removed the side shoots of the tomatoes and tied them  to their stakes. He then unloaded the rollers which were still on the trailer after being used to roll a new grass paddock at a second home nearby and took the chainsaw to bits, gave it a clean and got it working again so as to cut a few pallets. NORMALLY at this time of year we are not using much wood as the water is heated by the Solar Thermal Pipes Thingy on the roof and the living room is warmed by opening the doors to the conservatory. But as its only 10 degrees C and pouring with rain, heating is required!
Despite the weather our campsite visitors for Bank Holiday Weekend have arrived. We were expecting the guys working at Sizewell Power Station to be here over the weekend but they were suddenly called away to go down to Hinckley Point Power Station in Somerset. They don't seem to know from one day to another where they will be working or when they will get a day off. I'm glad Him Outside never had a job working away from home for weeks at a time, but I guess the way things are at the moment they are just glad to be working.
We are still puzzled at the probable Angina diagnosis which was the result of the tests at hospital the other day, as today he has no indigestion and no chest pains - Thankgoodness!


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