Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tuna tales on a grumpy day

Before I start the tuna tale let me just say thank you to Karen at Chelmarsh Chunterings and Bridget at Malbridge House for comments yesterday. After reading other blogs and finding that some people get nasty comments and other bloggers get weird requests (like Ilona who got a request from someone offering to write a 'guest' blog for her?) I think I'm lucky to get nice comments.

My tuna tale is me remembering when a tin of value tuna chunks was about 35p and big tins of salmon were only £1. Not that long ago either. Now a tin of value tuna is 65p and Salmon is priced out of reach. Anyway, I decided that tuna fishcakes would be OK for dinner tonight so pulled two different coloured tins out of the cupboard and was just about to put my glasses on to see  what they were and why they were different, when the phone rang. It was a call for Him Outside and as I had already forgotten to pass on a message from this caller yesterday (whoops!) I thought I had better go straight out, find Him Outside and get him in to reply to caller straight away. Of course by the time I had put on coat- I'm FED UP with this cold drizzle today- walked right up past the workshop, found Him Outside,  walked back down again, taken off coat and got back into kitchen, I had forgotten about reading tins and just opened the first one. Only to find it wasn't chunks but something called tuna flakes which actually just seemed like liquidized tuna and absolutely NO GOOD for making fish cakes. Which meant I then had to open the other tin,which was chunks and could be drained properly. All of which results in us having tuna sandwich with salad for lunch and we will do tomorrow as well ,plus having the fishcakes for tonight. So we will quite be fed up with tuna I think. The so-called tuna flakes came from Aldi and must have been cheaper than chunks and you can easily see why, as there is almost no tuna in the can amongst all the liquid.
So fishcakes were made, dipped in egg and rolled in home made breadcrumbs. ( I buy the cheapest brown loaf I can find, turn it into crumbs, dry on trays in oven and tip into box to store in freezer. It makes loads and they keep for ages).
And before cooking they look like this:-
 And now I shall say Yah Boo Sucks to the horrible grey weather and finish my book. Hopefully by tomorrow I shall be rid of the grumpyness that has sat on me all day today!


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