Friday, 3 May 2013

I Don't usually buy these but......

I survived my long day sitting in a chilly village hall from 7am until 10pm. Election turn out was quite low, but of course as always someone arrived at 7am prompt and another couple arrived at 10 minutes to 10pm and dillied and dallied putting their crosses in the box. There are so many forms to fill in at the end and the Presiding officer then has to hurry with the box to the collection point. I only do polling clerk so just have to do the clearing up- taking down all the notices etc. and then thankfully home to bed.
Another lovely sunny day here but we can't shake off the cool wind. I expect it is warmer further inland.
The things that I don't usually buy are these -out of season plums flown here all the way from Chile. On the whole I try to eat things from this country in season, but this is the time of the year with so little fruit available that something is needed to add to tinned fruit for my daily fruit salad. There are only 5 plums in this punnet, but they are HUGE so I just need 1 a day, which is not too bad when chopped and added to half a tin of value mandarins, makes a good dish of fruit. I know an apple would be cheaper but after living on apples many years ago whilst being on a diet it put me right off them.
After taking this photo I then went around the garden taking some more pictures of things growing in the lovely sunny weather. First picture is some of our many gooseberry bushes. They are SO reliable and never let us down. Each year I pick and sell so many punnets - last year nearly 200! They are greening up nicely and soon I shall start checking for gooseberry sawfly , the tiny caterpillar things can decimate a gooseberry bush in no time.

This is our ancient Conference pear tree, always loaded with blossom, but doesn't have so many pears. Under the tree is our patch of Comfrey that we cut and soak to make liquid feed for the plants or we cut and add to the compost bins, where it acts as an accelerator.Below are the asparagus spears -such a delicious treat.Looks as if there are lots to cut for a meal tomorrow.
That's my lot for today, early night tonight, I never understand how sitting around all day makes a person so tired.


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